Kyra Aspen

Kyra Aspen


A little more about myself…

Ten years ago, I made New York City my home. With a unique mix of Eurasian ethnicities, my all-natural, exotic features are perfectly matched with a classic look. I speak several languages and have traveled all over the world. My background imbues my personality and my life with deep dimensions and makes me an exciting breath of fresh air. 

Intelligence, education, and worldliness are all qualities I continue to cultivate. I am an avid reader and can often be found absorbed in the pages of books. I love a wide variety of subjects and genres, and enjoy having meaningful discussions with successful men.

As a well-traveled and cultured woman, connecting to others is where I feel most at home. I am flirty and fun while also being smart and passionate, making me happy, excited, and curious in almost every environment. Being a city girl in every way, with my chic and refined sense of style, I absolutely love museums and fine dining. Still, I adore nature and exploring the natural world — from virgin beaches to alpine mountains, I am a city girl gone wild in all the right ways.

While I earned my Masters in New York City, I ultimately decided against the corporate path. Instead, I chose to pursue my soul's yearning and followed what makes me feel most alive. My passion and purpose in life are to guide others through the exploration of pleasure and companionship. I find deep joy and fulfillment in developing human connections, and love to experience and explore my lust for life. Life’s abundant pleasures are best shared, after all. 

To me, the human body and its senses are some of our greatest gifts. I live in reverence of all its complexities and capacities in form, mind, and soul. Practicing yoga and mindful eating are some of my favorite ways to keep my body healthy and fit while also nurturing a sense of mental, emotional, and soulful enlightenment. 

As a meditation teacher, I am keenly aware of the body as a holistic matrix and the keys that allow us to unlock our greatest human potential both erotically and soulfully. No day with me is without the feeling of sensuality and connection. My gift of navigating the realms of passion is enhanced by my love for mindfulness, wellness, and reverence for the physical form and all its beauty and possibility. 

I feel inspired and motivated when in the company of intelligent, hard-working, successful, and captivating men. Being in the presence of such gentlemen is the drive behind what I do best. Understanding the profound relationship between body, mind, and soul is my joy and my specialty. Providing a warm and sensual space for exploring connection and passion, while guiding others through their depths, is truly what turns me on and brings me to life.

What about you?

About Me

I'm an all natural, exotic beauty.  Curly, brunette tresses cascade gently down my back.  Full and luscious lips will make even the most jaded connoisseur swoon with delight.  My soft and silky, smooth skin yearns to be touched.  

Age: 29
Height: A perfect 5'6"
Weight: 115lbs
Measurements: 34-24-34
Dress Size: 4
Shoe Size: 7
Ethnicity: Mixed
Hair Color: Luxurious Light Brown
Eyes: Inviting Dark Brown
Tattoos: None


1,5 hour ...     $1,500

2 hours ...  $2,000

3 hours ...   $3,000

4 hours ...   $4,000

Bon Appetit
6 hours ...   $5,000
12 hours ... $7,000
24 hours ... $10,000

48 hours...$14,000

72 hours...$18,000

one week...25,000

Fly Me To You

It may be the case that your city is not included in my touring schedule when I travel. Don't worry, I'm available for Fly-Me-To-You dates!

If you are interested in booking a FMTY, I will politely request that you provide the following:

- First-class/ Business-class round trip airfare.

- Accommodations at 4 or 5 star hotel for the duration of my stay.

- I will require 100% of the travel costs upfront.

-A deposit of 30% of my booking fee in order to reserve the time we will spend together.

Booking minimums:

East Coast/Mid-west: 3- hours minimum booking.

West Coast: 5-hour minimum booking.

3 hours...$3,000

4 hours...$4,000

5 hours...$5,000

6 hours...$6,000

12 hours..$.7,000

24 hours...$10,000

48 hours...$14,000



Attention to detail makes all the difference...

It's important to me that you have an understanding of my expectations for our time spent together.  As such, I have laid out a few guidelines and ground rules to ensure that we spend quality time with each other.

GROOMING:  There's nothing sexier than a man who takes care of himself. Freshly showered and clean shaven suits me just fine.  I take pride in my appearance and expect that you will do the same in return.

COURTESY:  A gentleman is a gentleman. There is no other way to put it.  I expect to be treated at all times with common courtesy and respect.  Please refrain from the use of vulgar or obscene language in communications or in public as I consider it to be in poor taste and very disrespectful.

COMMUNICATION: It's my preference to use email as the primary method to communicate with you. I lead a full, professional life. Therefore, I won't always be available to answer your inquiries as soon as you submit them.  I ask for your patience and understanding as I make every effort to get back to you in a timely manner.

DONATION:  With regard to patronage, it is expected that you are fully aware and familiar with the rate structure.  Finances will never be discussed when we meet.  Please place the donation in an unsealed envelope, in plain view, by the bathroom sink prior to the start of our meeting.

ADDTIONAL TIME:  You will no doubt be enchanted by my charm and personality.  Should you fancy more time during our meeting, please let me know as soon as you can.  I see a very limited number of clients due to my busy professional/personal life.  I will try to accommodate an in-date extension if time and scheduling permits.  However, this is not always possible, so the earlier you communicate that you would like to stay longer, the better.

CANCELLATIONS:  No one likes to talk about it, but it needs to be addressed.  I understand that life happens and we can't always plan everything to perfection.  If you should feel the need to cancel, please do so with as much notice as possible.  I value my time, and I am quite certain you value yours.  If more than 48 hours notice is given, I will consider this acceptable notice, and your deposit will be credited towards a future meeting.  If less than 48 hours notice is given, I will charge a 50% cancellation fee and all future bookings will require a 50% deposit.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE:  I take my health and healthy living seriously.  I do my absolute best to care for myself so I can provide you with a unique and fulfilling experience.  I expect that you will not arrive to our meeting either under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol.  Doing so will be grounds for immediate termination of our meeting.  Any deposits you have already made will be considered non-refundable and any future contact/bookings will not be possible.


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I can't wait to meet you! 

I know you have plenty of wonderful ladies to choose from, and I'm flattered that you've chosen to spend time with me!

In order to ensure that we are able to spend time together, I will need some information from you. As a safety precaution, I kindly ask that you thoroughly fill out my screening form below as this will expedite the process. Please be mindful that I receive many inquiries, and those who provide detailed information take priority. Short answers indicate that you are not willing to invest in me. The more you tell me, the better I can gauge my compatibility with you. 

If you do not have provider references, please provide me with your work information such as your company name, company website, work email and business phone number or link to your LinkedIn profile.  The information is for screening purposes only and will not be shared under any circumstances.

I offer both incall and outcall to your upscale hotel.

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